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  • LED UP Lights and Venue Lighting

  • Completely transform any room or marquee with our sleek white RGBA LED up lights. These lights beautifully enhance any venue, from improving a stunning barn to transforming a white clinical hall, these make a massive difference.

    Due to the high quality LED diodes in these fixtures we can create any colour of your choice. During the day we can set them to match your colour theme, in the evening we integrate them with our main light show and make the whole room come to life. The bonus of this means no white lighting needs to be on which normally kills the atmosphere. The room is well lit but with a great atmosphere. 

    If you find yourself stuck with a very plain white walled venue, or want to hide some walls then check out our twinkly star cloth service!

  • Pricing

    It depends on the size of the venue as that determines how many UP Lights we supply which splits down to two price brackets.

    Small venue (Up to 12 Up Lights) £175.00

    - e.g Farbridge (Meadow barn space only)

    Medium to large venue (Up to 24 Up Lights) £250.00

    - e.g Southend Barns and Fitzleroi Barn

    This fee is based on being booked with a DJ package and installing and packing down within one day.