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  • Star Cloth

  • Star cloth a fantastic product for changing a venue completely, they are essentially a black drape with hundreds of LED lights in a random pattern that can gently twinkle. They can transform a small space to make it feel much bigger.
    If clients do not want the black drape look then we can add a white overlay but still keeping the magical star look!

    Setup behind the DJ rigs work very well, as it enhances and adds contrast against the beams of light projected from the lighting effects, they also make the setups look even more tidy.

    As shown in the below pictures from a event at Southdowns Manor, a star cloth just covering one wall makes a massive difference making a small space look much bigger. In the before picture note the unattractive air conditioning machines, many couples have wondered how to hide these when we have spoken to them. A simple star cloth running along the back is a quick and easy answer to this!

  • With 500 square meters of black star cloth in our stock we have the ability to completely transform the most boring spaces to something magical.

    For school proms we have covered entire halls and gyms, the picture here is actually an old school gym! You would not know.
    As well as our huge stock of the cloth itself we have a large amount of pipe and drape support systems, this allows us to quickly and easily put up the cloth on a self-supporting system.



    Star cloth is not so cheap, the cloths themselves cost us in some cases over £1000 to buy each, they are also more vulnerable to wear and tear than other equipment. They also take extra time and manpower to setup. So compared to other services we offer the pricing is a little higher.

    For example £150 would cover a small star cloth for the back of South Downs manor, £1200 to cover 3 sides of the Hilton Avisford Park hotel or £4000 to do two large school halls including labour.