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  • Serious About Sound Systems

  • We only use sound systems from Funktion-One. We believe in delivering the highest quality sound possible thus we invested in almost £40,000 worth of speakers, sound processing and amplification from the best manufacturers in the industry.

    There is simply no excuse for bad sound when wanting to deliver a successful event. Unfortunately the industry is full of equipment sold on a premise of something small and compact over high quality sound, the worst being the bass bin setups with narrow column speakers on top which are some of the most awful sounding woolly systems we have is basic physics that systems like that will not deliver a true sound. The audio spectrum requires a range of different sized speaker cones to correctly deliver each section of frequencies, the more this is broken down the better it sounds.   

    We have a range of systems which we configure for each type of event, from small short range to long throw. The big lumpy subs are tastefully hidden behind our drape system and only top cabs which need to be above head height are exposed, these top cabs are matched in white paint or have a white scrim on them.

    The problem with most sound systems is that they deliver unnatural frequencies or are badly configured where the sound waves interfere with each other. This creates a sound that is far from clear. Our brains are constantly filtering out unwanted audio so one can focus on what we need to hear, when we are bombarded with distorted sound or unnatural sound waves our brains work much harder this is why things sound loud and after a while we feel exhausted even at a low volume.

    Due to the high quality of our sound systems guests don't experience this "loud" painful sound, they can enjoy the music at high energy levels making people want to dance but still hold a conversation easily, even on the dance floor.

    Our range of systems from Funktion-One can be seen below in the various configurations we use, though you would only normally see the top speakers on our wedding setups.