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  • Marquee Weddings

  • Marquee events can offer a wide range of possibilities, weather using one of our standard packages or our bespoke design services we can create something your guests will never forget.

    We can deliver lighting systems flown from the roof, massive Funktion-One Sound systems, LASERs punching to the very back of the marquee and waterproof Up lights around the perimeter.


    We work closely with marquee companies and where needed deliver detailed CAD drawings to make sure everything fits and goes to plan. Designs are delivered with electrical specifications to BS7909 standards and as such you can be assured everything is safe and within limits of the power supplies available.

  • Recent Marquee Weddings

  • The Mobile Club Gig

    Our team regarded this as gig of the year! The client just wanted a big party, running till 2AM (Silent Disco from midnight) 200 people arrived for this wedding party and did not stop until the very end.

    We installed a lighting and sound system that would put most clubs to shame and what a night it was!

  • A Big White Wedding

    The Bride wanted the best and rightly so came to us! With no capacity to fly lighting from the roof we designed a system to perfectly fit with the apex of the marquee.

    We delivered an eye-catching lightshow that completely filled the space creating the perfect party feel as well as an exceptional static look for the first dance.

  • Large Marquee Wedding

    We provided our Funktion-One EVO6 sound system to punch through the 300 guests dancing on the dance floor, we also shared our sound system with the band allowing for a tidy stage setup. We provided dance floor and venue lighting by supplying a flown lighting truss, as well as up lights round the entire perimeter of the marquee. Further to this, we provided both front and effect lighting for the stage making sure the band looked amazing too. Of course this was programmed and operated all night by one of our talented lighting operators, adding that extra emotional dynamic to the party.

    For the drinks reception outside the marquee we supplied a tasteful small Funktion-One sound system in white, this included a wireless microphone and a small playback deck, allowing the connection of iPod/phones over Bluetooth or a USB stick for background music playback, this allows for either our technician to look after background music, or one of the clients wedding party to take full control.

    Our client ended up with some beautiful first dance photos, this was thanks to the state of the art lighting hung over the dance floor, thid gave focused light on the couple. As the music grew dry ice swooped across the dance floor as if they were dancing on clouds.

    The party kicked in and our light show went to town, but we had one last trick up our sleeves : 2 x 2.5 Watt full colour LASERS. Our operator waited for just the right song and left the crowd mesmerised when he finally hit go, sending powerful eye catching slices of light above people’s heads.