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  • After Dark Productions presents......

  • Lavant Memorial Hall transformed by the best DJ service in town

  • This event is testimony that a village hall can become something of far more splendour than a traditional wedding venue. A village hall  such as Lavant Memorial Hall may come as a bare bones space, but where you can save on the premium of a dedicated wedding venue just half that saving can be put into our decor, lighting and DJ services to create something that actually can be far more impressive!

  • We really went to town on this event. Full star cloth coverage of the main room transformed the space into a room of wonder, we added beam effect lighting at either end allowing us to set a beautiful static look during the meal then a serious club hit for the party.
    Overhead wash lighting was added to give warm pastel lighting during the meal rather than using stark white venue lights, these wash lights then gave the perfect front light for the first dance allowing for excellent photos even on a mobile phone.

  • Our massive 2.5 Watt colour LASERs and punchy 3000 watt strobe complimented the big hands in the air moments, while our full Funktion-One EVO6 sound system with 21 inch subs delivered crystal clear painless sound with serious energy.

    Next door in the side hall UP lights were added to set a nice gentle atmosphere where the bar was along with the photo booth antics.

    This was one incredible party!

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