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  • Confetti Cannons

  • It is all about electronic Confetti Cannons. Forget the manual twist and pop confetti products sold at party shops, we can supply you professional confetti canons that are fired electronically. The bonus of electronic firing is that they can be easily fired on point. Ideally you want a minimum of two sources, by electronic firing both will go off at exactly the same time, this gives a much more impressive effect.

    These are ideal for the first dance or the end of the night; with a bang these throw confetti high into the air that flutters down around you.

    In conjunction with our Dry Ice "Dancing on clouds" service you can have the most splendid first dance look!

    This service is available when booking a DJ setup from us, so please get in touch for up to date costs.

    It is worth noting that some venues do not allow the use of these due to the mess they have to clear up after, so please have a discussion with the venue first.