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  • After Dark Productions presents......

  • Wedding DJ bringing the magic to Avisford Park!

    Many may see this as a corporate space but we can transform it with ease into a magical space perfect for a wedding. As well as DJ systems we can provide a full star cloth service flanking the room in either black or white material with twinkling stars.

    As Avisford Park offers a large space we can really go to town with our DJ Packages. From our smaller Silver setups through to the impressive Platinum system package we genuinely can transform this room into a outsandingly impressive looking space.

  • Shown above is the main square of the Avisford Park ballroom draped in black star cloth (this can be white upon request), the DJ system is our Silver package with the following upgrades :-

    - Sound system upgrade to Funktion-One EVO6 for extra clarity and wider coverage of the venue space.
    - Robe Pointe upgrade, we expand from the 4 moving lights that come as standard and add a further 4 (2 in each corner either side of the disco setup)
    - LASER show, 2 x 2.5Watt full colour LASERs were added giving even more spectacular visual effects.

     The image below shows again the star cloth covering the room, but instead of the silver DJ system we have here the Platinum DJ System, this really is something to impress your guests as it adds a 7.5m truss structure that is winched up high allowing for the lighting effects to beam down and over the dance floor, this is the ultimate way to deliver impressive light shows. 

    No other DJ in the area can make Avisford Park Hotel look as good as us!

  • UP Lights for the finishing touch

    LED Up lights are a fantastic way to add suitable ambience to a space while set to match your weddings colour theme.
    While the star cloth covers the main ballroom space we elected to expose the walls in the lower section at the back and paint them in colour with these lights. This added an extra dynamic to the feel of the Avisford Park hotel ballroom. When the DJ started these as always were under the lighting operators control, this meant that even the back of the room was included in the party vibe.

  • We won't ruin your first dance!

    Your typical wedding DJ have a reputation for destroying first dance photos, speak to any photographer and they will echo the nightmare and arguments they have with DJ's when asking them to switch off their lights.

    One of our unique selling points is that a successful lighting designer owns After Dark Productions, as such our lighting is set to flourish in all situations. For a first dance we set a static scene where noting moves or changes colour. This sets a tasteful backdrop for the couple during their first dance. We can even add in extra front light to assist with amateur photos being taken by guests.


  • Is it expensive?

    As the highest quality mobile disco supplier in the area we are obviously not cheap. However even though the value and quality of the equipment we use far exceeds that of our competitors (even with our smallest setups) our prices do not.

    We can install the black star cloth for the day for just £1200.00*, which is half of what some companies charge to drape a room of that size.

    Our Silver Disco Package on its own would be £650.00* but when booked in conjunction with the star cloth it is £450.00*

    That is a serious bargain for the look and standard of service we deliver which results in a constantly busy dance floor and a wedding reception you will never forget. The videos below speak for themselves!

    *Prices correct at time of posting, but please contact us for an accurate quote especially as we also run special discounts from time to time.

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    For more information on booking the venue please contact their dedicated wedding coorditor

  • Simon and his team could not have done more for me, both before and on our wedding day. Their online tool makes making a playlist (or banning certain songs aka the Macarena *shudder*) super easy! It was brilliant to be able to help plan the day from my living room. On the day the room looked truly spectacular, people who had been there before didnt recognise it! I received so many compliments on the day but they should all be passed on to Simon and his team. It was a relaxed atmosphere that turned into party in an effortless way. The lighting made everything look beautiful, including my wedding pictures. I am so greatful for everything After Dark did for me and my new husband. Thank you again Simon and the team xx Katie-S192