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  • 4 Canon Lane Wedding Venue

  • This historic house, at 4 Canon Lane, is located in the heart of the Georgian city of Chichester, within the picturesque grounds of the Cathedral's Close. A great bonus for us an dteh client is that the room for dancing is in a position where we can load in and setup without causing any disturbance or being noticed at all, this means the labour costs for bookings here are lower than other situations.

    This may be a small space for us to work with but we are still able to fit in our bronze system spread around the room thus giving an immersive experience for the guests on the dance floor while still being able to experience hifidelity audio from our compact Funktion-One sound system.

    We also kitted the room out with LED UP lights to enhance the rooms natural features while adding that extra party atmosphere.

    Many may assume they may have to resort to the lesser quality small mobile DJ for a small space like this, but with our experience and CAD software we can digitally map spaces like this and work out before the day exactly what can fit where. After sending the plans to the client they commented that it was a better use of the space than they had imagined! This is the bonus of being operated by a lighting designer as we have the expensive computer design tools to perform such tasks.

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