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  • The Silver Disco setups offer two versions, this setup employs our Sniper Beam lighting setup rather than the moving beam/spot lights. The advantage here is they are set high up throwing effects over everyone's heads giving atmosphere at the back of the dance floor. The LED beam lights create solid colour beams that can move, flash etc. The sniper lights can do pattern beams and even move so fast they simulate LASERS. This also includes a 3000 Watt Atomic strobe for those big "hands in the air" moments. 

    Where as this system is more suited for a bigger dance floor than option one it does lose out on being able to create the wonderful big beam broken up looks from low down, these low perspective lighting looks create a wonderful backdrop for the first dance. Thus we offer the option to combine these two lighting rigs without booking the Gold setup.

    This system is recommended for up to 70 people dancing. 

    We would recommend adding on one of our starcloths especially if there is a white wall behind the DJ setup as this hides the lighting stands and makes it look much tidier. 

    The package includes.

    • DJ
    • Lighting/Sound technician
    • Funktion-One sound system (2 x F115 Sub, 2 x F101 Tops)
    • 4 x Sniper Beam effect lights
    • 4 x LED Beam Wash lights
    • 1 x Martin Atomic Strobe
    • 2 x Heavy duty winch stands
    • 1 x Chamsys MagicQ lighting control console
    • 1 x Robe diffusion/haze machine 
    • White frontage system.