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  • After Dark Productions presents......

  • This is the daddy of disco setups. This setup needs a space of between 6.5 and 7m and is ideal for events of 130 to 300 guests. It combines the lighting setups from the gold rig but places all the lights up high on a 6m wide lighting truss system. This gives an amazing over head light show for all to experience. 

    The sound system here is our full Funktion-One EVO6 system, this system will deliver serious energy to the dance floor for up to 300 people, you will experience music as it was recorded and hear instruments in songs you have never noticed before. But fear not, even at high volume it won't hurt and will still allow all guests to have a conversation, on or off the dance floor. It simply does not get better than this. 

    We also recommend this system when we are working along side bands, not only can they use our sound system but our overhead lighting system allows them to setup in the middle and our DJ move his console to the side.

    Again don't forget to check out our LASER show to really take things to town! 

    The package includes.

    • DJ
    • Lighting/Sound technician
    • Funktion-One EVO sound system (2 x BR121 Subs, 2 x F115 Bass Bins, 2 x EVO6SH Tops
    • 4 x Beam/Spot moving head effect lights in white.
    • 4 x Sniper Beam effect lights
    • 4 x LED Beam wash lights
    • 1 x Martin Atomic strobe
    • 2 x Heavy duty winch stand
    • 2 x 3m Box truss sections
    • 1 x Chamsys MagicQ lighting control console
    • 1 x Robe diffusion/haze machine 
    • White frontage system.