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  • After Dark Productions presents......

  • Dry Ice

  • You have seen it on the TV where pop stars or contestants on that rather large talent show are almost floating on a cloud, this low smoke look is known as Dry Ice. 

    You can have that very magical moment yourself for your first dance and create the most wonderful picture to treasure and show your grandchildren. 

  • Be warned there are many ways to create this effect but most are a disapointment, some use a smoke machine with a chiller box or a box of ice cubes on the front of it; the smoke comes out the front low but pretty soon starts raising into the air leaving you now hidden by smoke. There are also the old school dry ice machines where pellets of solid CO2 (dry ice) are dropped into a unit that heats water, this is a genuine effect but is very uncontrollable and the dry ice pellets have a very short shelf life after delivery.

    Our machine is the best machine that can be bought for this application, it's a genuine dry ice effect and the identical machine that is used on the previously stated TV show. It is essentially a very powerful smoke machine that combines smoke with CO2 supplied from a bottle, this gives us dry ice on demand with full control.